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Please take a moment of your time and check out the production profile of our nursery. We put great effort to ensure our plants fully satisfy the needs of our customers. Great emphasis is laid on the quality of our produce.


Our offer is directed towards wholesale clients such as: garden centres, municipal parks, orchards. It is systematically broadened, and with each year we try to introduce new plants in order to meet customers’ needs.

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Why us:


Our nursery is active since 1986, and 20 years of experience are more than enough to handle all difficulties that arise during outdoor production. Our ornamental trees and bushes have already embellished thousands of gardens, fruit trees bear fruit in many orchards or kitchen gardens.

A wide variety of plants

We offer a great range of fruit trees in up to 60 varieties, including both old proven, and new promising cultivars. We are always open to introduce new products, hence our selection of plants is constantly broadened.

Customer care

We strive to co-operate with customers in a friendly environment. Faced against overwhelming odds we still manage to do the impossible. A swift delivery is one of our strengths, and the plants we provide are of superb quality.


Every plant leaving our nursery is equipped with a colourful label with picture. In addition, fruit plants have their cultivar’s characteristic printed – thanks to those one may not need to know every variety and instead make use of the label.

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