This company was established in 1986 and in the beginning it only produced fruit trees for orchards. The addition to PIORIN’s (Main Inspectorate of Plant Health And Seed Inspection) register has been earned through integrity, thorough and hard work.
In the early 90s we decided to start producing roses on a large scale. Currently we are working together not only with orchardists, and landscape architects but also garden centres, which became an important business partner.
Our priorities are: high quality; a wide selection of both specimens and varieties; and – last but not least – our products are available throughout the whole vegetation period. We produce plants in pots, which makes rooting easier.

Our nursery is equipped with modern agricultural and horticultural gear – as well as a crucial cooling chamber in order to provide optimal, stable climate conditions. Each plant receives a label with basic and necessary information, required by PIORIN.


The label also contains a short description for retail customers, as well as a picture showing the appearance of fruits of flowers. Every plant is equipped with a plant passport, which certifies plant health based on an annual phytosanitary control.


Summing up all of the above – our nursery wishes to extend an open hand towards the Customer as a sign of goodwill and solid co-operation.


For several years, we have been meeting early and potential customers at the MTP Gardenia fair. Thanks to this, we can strengthen the bonds with our clients and a moment later over a coffee at a time when there is no workload….

To meet the needs of our retail customers, we have launched a new 

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